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New Open NX-OS Developer Resources

Cisco Employee

Lots of exciting news for everyone leveraging Open NX-OS this week, and I figured it was a good reason to pull it all together in one place.

New code!

Yep, that's right, the latest version of Open NX-OS was posted to CCO on May 17th.  Release 7.0(3)I6(1) (sometimes called the 'F' release) is now available.  Several new features are in this release, including some new NX-API REST commands.  Checkout the Release Notes for full details.

Updated DevNet Site for Open NX-OS

nx-os on devnet.png

To go along with the updated code, we've been hard at work providing a fresh look and updated content to the Open NX-OS Site up on DevNet.  On this new page you'll find quick links to the most common network programmability topics, making it easier than ever to get started.  And we've got new Quick Start Guides for Model Driven Programmability with YANG, POAP, Streaming Telemetry, Guest Shell, Configuration Management, and Ansible.  Definitely check out the site today!

New Developer Tooling Resources

APIs are great, but what about making it easier to program with them?  With that need in mind we are adding new "Developer Tooling" documentation to our content on DevNet, and Open NX-OS is one of the first pages to get the treatment.  On this page you'll find details about the available DevNet Sandboxes for NX-OS, how to leverage Vagrant and the Nexus 9000v to have a local dev environment, info on the Nexus 9000v Virtual Switch, Sample Code and Learning Labs.  This is fresh new content that we will be regularly updating with new guides and information as they become available, so check back regularly!

Still More to Come!!!

We aren't done yet, not even close.

We are hard at work updating the Open NX-OS Sandbox offered by DevNet Sandboxes to not only the latest code, but expanding it out to offer four, yes four, N9000v switches arranged in a Spine Leaf topology.   The new Sandbox will also come with a GitHub repository with sample code and configurations developers can use as starting points or inspiration.  Look for this new Sandbox in early June!

And what about Learning Labs you maybe asking... well we've got lots in store for you there too.  A whole new DevNet Express for Data Center Infrastructure Track is being developed where Open NX-OS will have a large role.  But if you can't wait for a DNE event to come near you, we'll also make the labs available at anytime via Learning Labs on DevNet.  Expect these around Cisco Live US 2017.

So... what do you think?  Got any suggestions for other resources or content.  Let me know on Twitter, or in the comments!

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