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cannot connect to my reserved sandbox via VPN


I have received the email that my lab is ready, but when I type in the network and credentials provided in that email, I receive the attached error. Can you please advise?


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Taken from another thread. Hope this helps.


By default, only local users may connect via any connect client. You would need to edit the anyconnect client profile. Please change the  WindowsVPNEstablishment parameter to "AllowRemoteUsers" instead of "LocalUsersOnly.

Please refer the below document for more information.

Thanks, will try that next time I schedule a lab

Hey there, i am correct in asking you are from the error, it seems you are trying to rdp to a host and then vpn to sandbox from there?


Try using Openconnect instead of AnyConnect. It doesn't seem to enforce that setting like the official client does. You risk losing your RDP access if the remote policy is tunnel-all.


I saw this error pop up in another thread.



yes, you are right!

Makes sense, if I lose the "local LAN access" I would get dropped from the RDP session. Will test and verify, thank you

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