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Work queue paused


I am receiving a lot of alerts that says:

The Critical message is:

work queue paused, 827 msgs, antispam

I see in the webUI > overview, that the workqueue has a lot of messages. The customer is reporting that the mails are not arriving, what can i do to fix this issue?


Juraj Ban

Try physical reboot of appliance. (dont do software reboot, reboot it on Power On/Off button).

There is also Offline (susped) and resume commands in CLI that may help. Try resume and if does not help try reboot.

And if this does not help, open Support ticket.       

Hello Juraj,

there is no need to (hard) reboot an appliance the way you suggest if it responds to GUI and CLI normaly. This may only make the problem worse by corrupting the workqueue, tracking and reporting database, some of those problems cannot be corrected even by support and will cause data loss.

If you have to reboot the appliance, use the link on the GUI or "reboot" command on the CLI to safely shut down all services. That being said, there are in fact few cases where a reboot actually helps, especially with workqueue backups. Those errors usually happen for a reason, so it is better to look into the cause.

Eric, the error you are reporting is quiet generic, and usually a result of a traffic peak, antispam is the first service in the workqueue after the HAT, so performance issues usually show up there first. Has the workqueue cleared out meanwhile, or does the problem still persists? After all, please do not attempt a hard reboot as suggested.



Hello Andreas,

The problem continued for like an hour. We disabled the antispam service and the work queue started to decrease slowly. But that was not the recommended action, so after we opened a ticket with the TAC, they recommended to upgrade the OS of AsyncOS to version 7.6.2-014 and we haven't receive the alerts since then.

Is there another things we could have done before upgrading the OS?

Thanks for your help.

Hello Eric,

At this point we are not sure what actions were taken (if any) by the support team. Since they recommended the upgrade, then I would recommend you to follow their recommendation.

Like Andreas said, hard reboot should be avoided.

Disabling Anti-Spam could help the system but it can bring other issues to the equation, like, users companing about receiving Spam messages. If, the time from you disabling anti-spam and system to be able to process queued messagess exceeds long period. So I would recommend not going that path too.

Contacting Support is really the best course of action. It would be even better to follow Support recommendation for the upgrade.



Question: If you reboot the Ironport, won't u loose all the messages in the workqueue?

No.  Any messages in workqueue should be retained, and resume processing once the reboot is complete, and appliance returns to normal operation.



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