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Meraki client vpn with AD authentication

Hello Everyone,


New to this community and hope everyone is doing well.  We have a MX250 and are using Meraki authentication for client VPN.  The username is the user's email address and then a password in the Meraki database.


We want to reduce the number of password for our users to manage so we decided to change the client VPN to use AD authentication.  I've managed to setup our Meraki client vpn to authenticate with our AD. and is working fine now.  However, when the VPN prompts for credentials, I can use my domain password to authenticate but I have to use only the front part of my email address (before the @ sign) and not the entire email address.


Here's the specific details (not real information):

Domain name: (configure to use for logon)

Email address:

Domain username:


Does anyone know what I need to do to allow me to use my email address as my username when authenticating for the VPN?


Please let me know if anyone has any question for me in order to help me.



Kit Cheng

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