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Can we create custom activity in CPO 2.3?

                   Just like creating a library of customized processes, can we create a library of customized activities in CPO such that our workflow designers can drag and drop the customized activity to modify an existing process/workflow. After dragging and dropping the acitivity, one can change the values in that activity if needed to complete the workflow modification.


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Shaun Roberts
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

No you cannot create activities. Those are developed and compiled into the code.

There is a concept of atomic processes however that is very advanced content authoring. Basically if you have it enabled (btw it's officially not supported), you can write processes and then enable it to be an atomic. Then when someone else looks at it , they will see it as an activity. This is really meant for internal cisco authors (in the BU) only.

Is there a good reason to hide the insides from the end users? I mean you can drag and drop other processes into a main process. You can change the icon of the process, etc as well. It would just show up under the "processes" workspace.


--Shaun Roberts
Principal Engineer, CX


I believe I saw you doing this on one of your videos and just concluded that my version didn't have that feature. I'd be curious as to how you turn it on and why Cisco would use this feature internally?


This is a feature intended for use by the cisco product teams building packaged content.  I would not recommend that others use it.  It makes customers perceive content as being part of the platform, which has led to many support issues when that content behaves poorly.

It is best if you just package processes and call child processes to perform some function rather than making those child processes be atomic so they display as activities.

Furthermore, it's really just a UI behavior alteration.  It doesn't affect anything at the engine level.

It's becoming less and less advantageous, and certainly adds more support overhead over time.

Ok, I've got the hint!

Just curious as I saw Chris use it in one of his videos.

I'll pretend I never saw it now!

On to more automation!


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