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Is there any limit for Number of fields to be shown from grid dictionary in service?

G V R Chandra Reddy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I am getting an error in service designer -> Dictionaries if i select more than 20 fields in grid dictionary. PSC is 10.0

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Level 1
Level 1

This is documented in the Service Designer guide.  

Show in Grid

  • Fields set to “Show in Grid” and “Use” in a dictionary will display as columns in the grid on a service form when the dictionary is set to “Display as Grid”. “Show in Grid” and Multivalue are mutually exclusive, as a grid does not have the capability for a multivalue cell. Grids cannot have more than 20 columns by default, which is defined by “dictionary.attributes.maximum.showingrid.count” property in the file.

Note Fields in External dictionaries cannot be used in grids and hence do not have the “Show in Grid” column. Also, fields in Reserved dictionaries (Customer_Information and Initiator_Information) cannot be used in grids because those dictionaries inherently represent only one set of data. See Designing Grid Dictionaries for Fields with Multiple Data Instance for more information on grids.