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Microsoft IE patch incompatible with Client Manager UI

John Laird
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

All CWA Users,

We have recently found out that Microsoft's recent patch (update KB4012204 - Cumulative Security update for IE 11) which was released this week is not compatible with Cisco Workload Automation. If using a IE browser with this patch, many screens will not be usable in the Client Manager's user interface. Our development team is reviewing the issue to determine the root cause at this time.

Workarounds at this time:

1. Uninstall the patch if you must use IE for Client Manager user interface

2. Use a supported Firefox browser for Client Manager user interface

John Laird

Cisco TAC

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Maximilian Gallagher
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Microsoft has fixed this issue in KB 4016446

Thank you. It has fixed our issue.

Mohamed Faisal Abdul Aziz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Microsoft patch KB4012204 causes display issues for CWA (TES) in IE 11.


The recent automatic update of Microsoft KB4012204 causing display issues in CWA (TES) UI.  Following is the resolution to this problem recommended by Microsoft.


Note: For all this update March update is Mandatory.


Then install the below updates.


Windows 10

              RS1/Win Server 2016










Windows (8.1/7/Win Server 2008 R2/Win Server 2012 R2): 




Note: Microsoft might provide automatic update to resolve this problem.