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Cisco Employee

Multi Cloud Accelerator for other cloud offerings?

Hello Experts,

  • Is there any roadmap to include more cloud provider options in accelerator kit other than what we currently provid? MS Azure or Rackspace? From the CIAC roadmap, I can see SAVVIS on the way, but will there be any further addition?
  • When there is no automation pack, i.e. MS Azure or Rackspace, what would be the level of effort to develop these customization part through AS/partner engagement? Do you know any customer who did the integration with these two cloud providers? Since it could be re-usuable(API integration between specific public cloud offering & IAC), will we provide any sort of sharing community on those code written?

Thanks in adavnce for your support!




Solution accelerators are not products and therefore do not officially have a roadmap. Of course, that doesn't mean we don't have plans for what we want to do next, but currently we don't have plans to provide anything specifically for MS Azure or Rackspace. Our next efforts will be on supporting what we have in the kit for CIAC 3.1.

Our intent in releasing this content to the community at large is to provide a model that people can leverage to build it out even further than we already have, and, hopefully share that work with the rest of the community. In fact, we are aware of some current projects to extend out to Hyper-V (via SCVMM) and OpSource cloud provider platforms. We welcome additional community contributed content, and through collaboration, we may even be able to include in the main kit.

One that I can tell you we are working on is CloudStack, but like many platforms, has an EC2-compatible API interface, so we will  attempt to re-use the existing EC2 implementation we have certified against Amazon AWS, introducing  whatever variations we need to include CloudStack in the list of support platforms.

Others reading this thread may have already developed worfklows against MS Azure and Rackspace APIs and they are encouraged to post their work here. If no one has yet worked on these, and you have a more immediate need, then you may want to consider building some development time into your project plan to introduce the necessary orchestration and portal extensions. You can use this community as a forum for guidance during any such project.

One thing I really want to do is provide some video training and step-by-step documentation for the community on how to extend the content to other platforms. For example, how to build out the branched extension points in the orchestrator for a specific platform (fairly straightforward) and how to expose the new platform and its unique requirements in the CIAC services offered in the portal (which is difficult without some guidance). I expect we'll have some documentation of this kind in the next month or so.

Thanks for your interest in our work and please post any other questions you might have. We're here to help each other out.

Thanks Derek!

Hi Derek,

Coudl I ask you one more question? So understand that it's community support accelrate pack, but is there any demo/lab available that already did this integration with AWS or any public cloud?



Unfortunately, there is no demo lab available outside of IABU. I will be starting to put together some demo videos, but in the meantime, you can arrange with me directly to provide a WebEx demo. Just did a demo yesterday specifically showing AWS integration but we neglected to record it! We'll definitely record the next one. We sill start to post these in this community space.

Of course, setting up your own demo environment would be the best option so you can show it live whenever you need to.

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