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Newbie Question - Can Tidal execute a remote PowerShell script or BAT file?

My first post.  I am new to Tidal but I have had experience with other schedulers.

I have a PowerShell script that needs to be executed on a remote computer.  All of the software that the script needs is installed on that computer.

Additionally, I need the script to run under a service account.  Is this possible and if so, how do I go about it?

This job will be manually kicked off each time it is needed.


Wow!  That may be the trick.  I will try that and let you know how it goes.  Do you have an example of the command and arguments you are using?  I am such a newbie... sry ...

Sure. There are a few screen shots. One of a variable I used for the folder location on the Tidal server (not necessary but I use a lot of scripts). One for the Tidal command itself. The last is the script to remotely run the windows job. Let me know if these don't make sense.

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Sorry it took so long to report back.  I had to jump through several corporate permissions hoops.  This is a success.  I really appreciate the help and the hand holding.

No problem at all. I am glad that worked for you.


I see that several have already chimed in and you may already have a solution, but in short this is very possible.


I would accomplish this via this method

1.  you need to make it so that your agent machine can execute remote powershell scripts.  This is an Active Directory setting which is set in your registry.  This is something entirely separate from TIDAL. It must be set in order to run ANY scripts remotely


2.  I would write a batch script on your agented-machine to call the powershell script.  (I think you can call the PS script directly, but have not yet done this for any jobs on my own)


3.  schedule a job to call either the batch script  (program = cmd.exe    argument = script name)  or Ps script in TIDAL




Dwayne, that seems to be a cleaner play.  What is the Active Directory setting?  Is it on the service account that Tidal runs under or the account that the scheduled job runs under?

Agreed but your windows administrators may have an opinion on the subject. Remote execution of powershell scripts is disabled by default for security reasons. Depending on your corporate environment your Security Policy Administrators may not allow this.


This is quite a useful little tip btw.