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TES 6.2.1 Java client vs web client


 we are in the process of updating from TES 5.3.1 to 6.2.1.   I tested the web client, and it seems to perform well, not as fast and snappy as the java client from 5.3.1 but still pretty good.  Then I tried the java client, I was expecting it to perform better than the web client, but really it doesn't, it's very sluggish.  Is anyone experiencing the same thing?  Did anyone manage to overcome the sluggishness of the java client? if so, how?

Currently our 6.2.1 setup has a fault monitor, 2 masters with the master DB externalized to a MSSQL server, 2 CLient manager with each their DB externalized to MSSQL servers too.

Let me know.


Thanks for your time




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Joe Fletcher
Level 1
Level 1

Java client needs LOTS of memory. If you have less than 8Gb available in the desktop running the app it will drag.



Derrick Au
Level 4
Level 4

Hi Francois,


Bottom line is you need beefy machines to run 6.2

What are your specs for Master, Client Manager, and Database?

Also, if you are running on web clients -- the DB should be installed on the Client Manager to reduce any network latency.



Derrick Au


Prakash Hemchand
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In our environment the java client is much faster than the CMs.  Comparable to the windows client in 5.3.3.  

As Joe mentioned, it does take a decent amount of RAM.  Though it seems the more you have, the less it uses.  Under 2 GB used on my macbook pro with 16 GB of RAM.

It takes some time for the java client to sync when you first open it.  Once the data is copied locally to your machine the response times are great.  We have noticed a few issues though when creating some objects, so we use it mostly for production support and use the CMs for development.  Also, we ask our users to close their java clients when not in use as it appears to hold some memory open on the master. 



[I'm a Cisco employee using TES. I do not work for the TIDAL BU]

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