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Troubleshooting failed jobs

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Level 1

I have been tasked with troubleshooting failing Jobs for a company that has limited expertise on Tidal (not that I have much more). I found a number of the jobs simply had an incorrect path in them, easy fix. I know have several that I am having some issue troubleshooting: I have one job that goes through just fine, for example, using a local TidalProd user account on the box. The job that runs just after it, however, fails with "Error logging into runtime user TidalProd***. If we try to re-run too many times the local user account actually locks. This is confusing to me; I thought that one you set the password in the Runtime Users area in Tidal, it used that password across all jobs using that user. Is this not accurate? Does anyone know why one job would work and one fail, attempting to login with the same runtime user?

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Derrick Au
Level 4
Level 4



Please check if jobs are configured to run on the same agent server or on a different agent server,

and runtime user Tidalprod has sufficient privileges on the agent server

  • Run as batch
  • Run as process
  • Act as part of OS
  • Replace a process-level token


Derrick Au

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