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listTransPattern - case sensitivity vs. ccmadmin

Rising star
Rising star

In ccmadmin, when I search for transpatterns whose description contains 'abc', and I have a transpattern whose description that contains 'ABC', I get a match.


If I do listTransPattern with <searchCriteria><description>%abc%</description></searchCriteria>, I get 0 matches - the case has to match. Is there anything I can do about that?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I'm seeing the same thing on CUCM v14.  Checking some other <listXXX> requests, though, the wildcard search on <description> elements works fine - so maybe a limitation/defect on <listTransPattern>..?
I couldn't find a workaround other than going to SQL: 

select dnorpattern,description from numplan where LOWER(description) like LOWER('%Test%') and tkpatternusage = 3


I know SQL is always a solution, but then I have to manually extract all these transpatterns. Imagine the request leading to 10 results.. so instead of a single list request, you now have 11 AXL requests.

So, it's a bug then if it works on other list requests, right?

You can of course extend the SQL query to retrieve additional data, but that of course may be tricky and require some R&D/trial&error if you need all of the data from listTransPattern and that requires a bunch of joins...

Not the final arbiter on what's deemed a defect, but I would argue this kind of inconsistency meets the definition.

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