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Hi All     I am trying to write a simple code to get the device registration using Python here is my coderesult= client.service.SelectCmDevice('',{'SelectBy':'Name', 'Status':'Registered', 'Class':'Phone', 'SelectItems':{'SelectItem':{'Item':SEPXXXXX...

motolba by Cisco Employee
  • 18 replies
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Here is my Python script for display registered IP Phones details from Cisco CallManager 11.5. I am facing one issue in displaying output in customized format. from zeep import Clientfrom zeep.cache import SqliteCachefrom zeep.transports import Trans...

Trying to add a sip trunk using Axl and python but hitting an error call manager 11.5   Error creating SIP Trunk 'cube': ENUM for DeliverOriginatingCalledPartyNumber not found in TypeSIPIdentityBlend def create_sip_trunk_cube(service    try:        s...

kyrunner by Beginner
  • 7 replies
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if i call axl any api for call manager 11.5, i get response as " The AXL Web Service is working and accepting requests. Use HTTP POST to send a request. "  example when running getPhone api. instead of requested phone data.Request :"<soapenv:Envelope...

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We are using Cisco MediaSense for audio call recording.We configured the SFTP server location on the MediaSense Archive Configuration page to archive recordings periodically. It was archiving calls for a few days, but then it had an ...

Hi Team,I would like to create Webex Calling API using Delphi language. May I request you to kindly let me know how to do Webex Calling API for a third party application.Thank you and look forward to your response.Regards,T Doan  

TDoan by Beginner
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Hey all,Been trying to follow this documentation!risport70-api-reference/selectcmdevice in order to grab RIS info for our cisco phones. The documentation states that I need to segment the request out by using t...

sdrulik by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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Hello,What is the best method to get a list of all phone extensions and extension descriptions from CUCM via AXL? It is important to query extensions for users who even extension mobility configured regardless of their login status. I know the execut...

sharpgate by Contributor
  • 15 replies
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