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Enhancing Google Form capabilities


Hi Community !

I’ve used Google forms before for basic surveys and recently learned a few new tricks with Google Apps Script (JavaScript based) thanks to a colleague - Cory Guynn. You can really enhance a basic form’s capabilities with the built-in script editor and we’ve shared a couple of quick and easy examples tied to the Meraki Dashboard API for provisioning here:

One form will provision new Meraki Dashboard administrators via API and collect basic info on submission. It works great for collecting feedback and automating lab user creation at the beginning of a training/workshop session. I recently experimented with adding a function to the registration form to add the same user email to a Cisco Spark team (Spark API) during a workshop. Using the examples in the GitHub link above it was very easy to copy a script function, modify/add a few new variables, and get a working sample.

Another similar example form is setup to provision a new Meraki Dashboard network including claiming a device by serial number and binding the newly created network to an existing template.

Google forms can be used as a lightweight front end for provisioning and endless other custom functions. We hope the provided examples will help others learn how enhance their own forms.


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