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Advice on Hardware selection - URGENT

Amin Shaikh


I need advice for hardware selection.

Which hardware-model would you recommend with proper failover considering the following

<> Business is 24X7X4 [ International 10 sites ]

<> SAP Application accessibility and Lotus Notes replication is a big factor in day-to-day operation.

In numbers we have

3 Web Server

2 Intranet Server

2 SAP Application Server

1 Email Gateway

VPN site to site and client server VPN ( this would be configured on ASA itself

2 Lotus Notes EmailServer

Requirement :

We dont want each webserver to communicate with other webserver

Based on the above information what Model will best suite my requirement and maintain a fair-bit security.

How many DMZ would you required.. If possible a design and goes with hardware model and specification.


Please if someone can HELP ASAP

Let me know if more information is needed

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ASA 5540 should do it for you. It depends on how you are grouping your servers and applying the policy. Two DMZ,s should do it. For the webserver communication you can't do much if they are going to be in the same segment.



I need these server's to be accessed from internet and as well as LAN.

As well I dont need each-web-server to communicate with each other.

Will this model handle the load from LAN and Internet.

Each Server will be natted with one public IP on the Firewall.

My concern is

<1> performance of application from LAN

<2> VPN site-to-site Load on the Firewall

<3> Can I do Bandwidth Management { ex : allocating 256 Kb for each WebServer, 1Mbps for Application Server, 512kbps for Gateway }

<4> is Two DMZ enough

5540 supports IPS module this is a good factor

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