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ASA 5525-x flash memory issue


                   We have a customer that has a ASA 5525-x reporting only 4g flash memory rather than 8g has anyone seen a 4g version of the 5525 or is the IOS reporting incorrectly the size,  as it seems to be embedded on these units as a USB disk internal


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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There might be some confusion in regards to how the memory is written on the ASA-X series.

ASA5525-X does indeed come with 8 gig of RAM and 8 gig of Flash, and since it's a combined unit of ASA and IPS, those memory has been statically allocated as follows:

8GB of RAM:

- 4GB are statically assigned to ASA

- 4GB are statically assigned to IPS

8GB of flash memory:

- 4GB are statically assigned to ASA

- 4GB are statically assigned to IPS

Hope that clears the confusion.

Hi Jennifer

The issue I have is that our customer has just taken delivery of two ASA5525 units . When you look at the system details . One show 8g as the BIOS  flash and the other show 4g as the BIOS  flash.

The unit seems to work fine but I was wondering if Cisco had produced more than one version and the 4g was an "old" model.

Hi Jennifer,

I am a colleague of Paul's, the issue is not with the BIOS flash as we first thought but with the "Internal ATA compact flash"

They are supposedly identical devices but one states 8192MB and the other 4096MB when doing a show version.

Thanks for your time.


Thanks for the details.

If 2 identical model units are showing different flash output, then I would suggest opening a TAC case, and provide them with the "show version" output from both models, so they can check with the BU if that is indeed the case.

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