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ASA 8.2(2) Show processes command and related threads

      Where can i find information on the Processes/threads shown, when "show processes' command is executed on  ASA version 8.2(2)?  I'm particularly looking for information on DATAPATH-0-562 ---- DATAPATH-7-569 processes. We are seeing CPU load around 80-85 % by these processes, when we are doing a load/stress test on the ASA 5580-40 platform with Premium license.  Our  TCP connection rate is not going above 55K and at this TCP connection rate, the CPU is around 99% by the above mentioned threads.


Hi Bro

Perhaps this Cisco document may assist you in understanding somewhat the “show processes” command output.

However, I’ve personally troubleshoot tones of cases with regards to high CPU and Memory utilization concerning Cisco Firewall. If you could paste your show running-config here, I could then advise you on how to narrow down the root cause, the manual old fashion method.

This is because understanding the “show processes” command output isn’t easy, unless you’re Cisco TAC. They have internal tools to assist them in decoding such outputs. Sadly, we don’t have those tools.

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Warm regards,
Ramraj Sivagnanam Sivajanam

Hello Ramraj,  Thanks for the link, but actually i'm looking for information on the "Threads"  which are displayed when Show processes command is executed. I think, im pretty much familiar with how to check the ASA system performance and troubleshooting any issue, i simply need more information on the above mentioned "threads" ( DATAPATH-0-562 ---- DATAPATH-7-569) Specifically... 

I think these threads might relate to the Interfaces.  there is old information for PIX and its threads, but it does not contain the new threads  in version 8.2

Thank you.


Most of that information is not publicly disclosed.

Troubleshoot it with the tools available to you, don't focus so much on individual threads/processes.

show processes cpu-usage - a lot of times it will be the dispatch unit which can be caused by a number of things

show perfmon - check for a large number of conns/sec

sh log (with buffer logging enabled) - check for any unusual messages while the CPU utilization issue is occurring

sh asp drop - check for a quickly incrementing  "Flow is denied by configured rule (acl-drop)" or other quickly incrementing counters

"Our  TCP connection rate is not going above 55K"

Are you saying you're testing with 55,000 connections/second?  Or are you saying you're testing with 55,000 established connections? 

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