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ASA bulk object creation

Bobby Meador
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Does Cisco have a tool that will make the creation of a 500 + network objects easier for a new FW build?

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Jouni Forss
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VIP Alumni


My friends at work would probably come up with some script to easily generate large amount of needed configurations or convert existing configuration to abit different format.

I dont know if there is any tool for this. To be honest I think there arent really that many tools for ASA in general. Then again I havent really even looked for any.

I personally do it the hard way

Lots of copy/paste and manual writing. Call me mad but I like writing the configurations myself.

Are you converting some configurations? Perhaps changing from a different firewall manufacturer or something? Or what will all these objects hold?

- Jouni

Yea CP to ASA


There is a tool that I have never used but remember it being listed on the Cisco pages download section when downloading new software versions. Maybe its something you are looking for

Here is a screencap of the section of the pages as an example (click to enlarge)

Theres a "Checkpoint Security Conversion Tool"

I dont think it requires any service contract with Cisco.

You could try this link for example

Hope this helps

- Jouni

Yea Im using that and it helps alot but just wondering if any other scripts or options are available.



I have been only dealing with Cisco firewalls since I started with networking so I am not very good at giving any tips to help you with easily converting/creating the objects.

Havent really had to move between 2 different firewall vendors while I have worked with firewalls. So I dont know what type of CLI configuration format other vendors have. I have been told that when Cisco moved more heavily to use "object" and "object-group" in the ASA configurations that this was something that was already common with other vendor firewalls. But as I said I havent seen the formats others use so I am not sure what kind of work it would do the conversion.

Also I have not have to convert large amount of configurations with scripts myself. I have usually had someone handle that for me inside our company that regularly does that type of work anyway.

- Jouni

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Level 1

I don't think so, but I did an excel spreadsheet to do what you're looking to do.

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