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Asa routing to multiple uplinks


I’m looking for a solution to use multiple t1’s and round robin my traffic thru them via my asa5505.  I have managed solutions from AT&T all individual T1’s which I’ve had them configure with the fe0/0 all on the same network but with different IP’s on fe0/0.  What I’m looking to do is have all four t1’s plugged into a switch on vlan1 along with my outside interface on the ASA, and use the ASA to send each new request over a new T essentially creating a round robin type use of all 6mbps of T1’s. 

Has anyone done this before and can someone help me out with the commands?

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Jerry Ye
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

In your post, it says all 4 T1's will be plug into a switch? Do you mean ATT will give you 4 different routers? T1's cannot go into the switch (except 6500's with WAN module).

Assuming you have 4 routers, and since you didn't specify what version of software you are running, I am using ASA software v8.0 as a reference.

From the configuration guide of v8.0

You can define up to three equal cost routes to the same destination per interface. ECMP is not supported across multiple interfaces. With ECMP, the traffic is not necessarily divided evenly between the routes; traffic is distributed among the specified gateways based on an algorithm that hashes the source and destination IP addresses.

The following example shows static routes that are equal cost routes that direct traffic to three different gateways on the outside interface. The security appliance distributes the traffic among the specified gateways.

hostname(config)# route outside
hostname(config)# route outside
hostname(config)# route outside


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