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ASA5580 port channel to 6509 VSS

Alan Taylor
Level 1
Level 1

Hi All,

I hope this is the correct location for this.

Anyway, here's the situation I'm trying to configure several VLANs on my ASA to uniquely allocate to contexts, the VLANs will be trunked from my VSS.

Unfortunately I'm not clear on how to achieve this, the configuration guide for 8.4 talks about multiple contexts and routed setups all which don't appear to apply exactly. I've configured the port channel at both ends and I've configured sub-interfaces on the port channel and assigned VLAN IDs. These sub-interfaces are then allocated to the contexts to set 'ip address' etc. I've not been able to successfully test this configuration and I am concerned that it is incorrect..

If anyone has any advice or suggestions I would be grateful?

Many thanks.

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Alan Taylor
Level 1
Level 1

Well the good news is that I have been able to test my configuration.

Using an infrequently utilised VLAN I disabled the current interface and brought up an allocated port on the new ASA which I successfully pinged the subinterface ip of (configured via a context of the ASA). The complication was using the correct VRF as the source! 

All is good ready for the cut-over.


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