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ASDM - which Java version?


Unable to launch device manager.


I'm trying to run ASDM and targeting a mixture of 5505 and 5510s. I'm using Mac (Yosemite) and Windows 7 machines.


5505 is 6.2, 5510 is 9.x


Oh whatever.


Which Java versions will work? 


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Karsten Iwen
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

Due to security reasons you should always update Java to the latest version. So the question is not which Java to use, but which ASDM works with the newest Java.

If you always upgrade your ASAs to the latest ASDM, then you should be able to use the ASDM. At least that works for me (OS 10.10.2 and also Win7).

:/  I understand that would be best practice, but I am a student trying to build a home lab for education.

Cisco requires I have a 'registered' account to download newer versions.

Registering your account requires linking with a cisco partner

making a cisco partner requires a tax payer ID.


I gotta say, thus far the hardest part of this entire educational challenge has been dealing with Cisco's support infrastructure.  Like by far.  I'm pretty sure ya'll hired Catbert as a consultant.

Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

If your newer ASA 5510 has a more recent version than the (very) old 6.2 that's on your 5505 you can copy off the asdmxxx.bin file and use it on both appliances.

You mixed 6.x and 9.x nomenclature in your original posting. ASDM's latest release is 7.12(1) as of today and the latest release for the ASA 5510 is 7.8(1)150.

9.x would be an ASA software release.

Note that you can download a free ASAv (virtual machine image) and use in in your home lab. It requires a account but does not require a support contract or partner affiliation. The only limitation of the free (unlicensed) edition is that it will only allow 100 kbps throughput. It will run fine on the free VMware ESXi hypervisor.

@Marvin Rhoads: I believe you do require an active contract with Cisco - not just a login. At least that is the message that keeps coming up when I try to download it from the link provided … and yes I am logged in.



Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

If you do business with a Cisco partner or have a Cisco account manger the SE(s) supporting your account can get you the software image.

(Before anybody asks - no, I won't do it for them.)

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