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Cannot access network resources via Cisco VPN Client running Windows XP


I am running the Cisco VPN Client version 3.6.1 on a laptop running Windows XP and although it appears that I am logging on to my NT network my account is not being authenicated to the domain and I cannot access anything on the network. After I click Connect at the VPN client logon screen I enter my NT username and password and I connect via the VPN client. I cannot ping any of the inside addresses on by network but I can ping machines on the same network segment as the inside NIC on the firewall. I also cannot browse or map drives to the internal network. When I check the NT event logs it shows an anonymous administrator logon but not by user id. I have a linux proxy server between the inside and outside network

Everything works fine using a Windows 2000 and ME machine so presumably the firewall, ACS server and Linux proxy are configured correctly. I have just applied XP service pack 1 and this hasn't helped. I have also disabled the Internet Connection Firewall service.

Any suggestions on how I can get this laptop connected are appreciated.

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