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Change FTD Timezone

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Having issues with devices not able to change their device time to the correct timezone. NTP is synced from FMC, and Timezone configured on device platform policy is UTC+2. Mainly need to fix this to fix timestamps in syslog. Everything is running 7.0.5. Any idea on what the issue could be? Would appreciate any help.


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Which platform we talk about 

FPR 1k or 2k

Hi there,

1k's and 4k's.

1k is get ntp from fmc 

4k is direct connect to ntp.

Which one you face issue both?

Yes I have the same issue on both. I just want to change the device time. I removed and re added the timezone offset and it made no difference unfortunately.

Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

I believe FTD and FMC always send syslog with UTC timestamps, no mater what local or platforms settings have set as the timezone.

So there is no way to change this? That is unfortunate. What is the point of the timezone option then in platform settings? It doesnt change the device time. Is it for time based ACL? Does the device not rely on its own time in order to make a decision for a time based ACL?

It no sense' there is option but cisco recommends not use it.

Anyway check above 

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