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Cisco 1140 asa image OSPF connectivity

Hi All


Im trying to establish a basic connection between an 1140 Firepower (with ASA image) and a 9300.


Simple point to point /30 with Ospf 1 process, 


Is there some additional work that needs to be done when using a FP device rather than the traditional ASA. ?

My next thought would be a bug 

Many thanks 



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I don't get where is issue ? can you more elaborate.

Sorry I cannot establish and OSPF adjacency 

I think that there is ACL drop the OSPF Hello/Update message.
you need to allow OSPF.

@JamesSimpson34554 can you provide the configuration of your OSPF on the ASA and 9300?


A normal ACL is for traffic "through" the ASA, not "to" the ASA itself. I read the original question as establishing OSPF adjacency between the ASA and the 9300 switch. Only a control-plane ACL on the ASA would restrict OSPF being established with the ASA - if you don't have one configured, that isn't the issue.


Turn on OSPF debugs on both devices, confirm OSPF hellos sent and received - or not.


it is easy to check the 9300 ospf 
can you share 
show ip ospf neighbor 

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