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I have 2 Cisco Firepower 2110 NGFW in High Availability (HA) (Active / Standby). If the company has 250 users, do I need to purchase one Cisco AnyConnect 250 User Plus Perpetual License or 2 Cisco AnyConnect 250 User Plus Perpetual licenses?

Hello! We have been running our HA Pair FTD's without any major issues for about 5 months now but all of a sudden, they decided the both wanted to be active and started a split-brain scenario. This completely brought our entire network down and I cou...

jbeach44 by Level 1
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Hello! Our organization is very new to our FTD's managed through FMC so bare with me. We went from ASA's to FTD's and are discovering weird behavior as we move forward. After cutting over to our FTD's all was good and we weren't really experiencing a...

jbeach44 by Level 1
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Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me if ASA 5515 supports HTTPS URL filtering? I am using ASDM 6.6ASA version: 9.1 Though i have read this "ASA cannot do deep packet inspection or inspection based on regular expression for HTTPS traffic, because in HTT...

shrijan by Level 1
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Good morning, a trivial question... how is it possible to create subinterfaces via Firepower Management Center (version 7) on two clustered 4112 Devices?Maybe I am wrong but I understand that I have to do it via Firepower Chassis Manager and I can on...

rosarra by Level 1
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Hello  I have an issue with a new FMCI installed 6.4 in VMware In the console I input the mgmt IP I am able to access the page and enter the credentials But this is the furthest I can get it hangs there  Any ideas? Thanks and regards, Konstantinos

Hi,Could someone please tell me how to match these Juniper parameters on a Cisco ASA ASA5545 Version 9.12(3)12. Below is the Juniper config I need to match on the ASA set interfaces st0.53 family inetset security zones security-zone untrust interface...

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