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Cisco ASA 9.1 API/scripting language interaction?

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Hi all -

I'd like to know if there is a tool or method  to have a script/Powershell/shell script or tool that will interact 

with the ASA to simply change a rule from Permit to Deny, as a simple example.

Such a thing would allow me to have non-ASA users be able to instantly implement a desired block of a certain application/port/access-to-external-IP

and so on.

I have several users who are highly non-technical, but who could easily authenticate to a webpage, and click a button that would ultimately change a rule in the ASA.

I'd like to know if this is possible short of hundreds of lines of PHP/Perl/Expect scripting and essentially 'hand-coding' the entire thing from character-mode editing on upwards.

I've seen sites referring to the ancient PIX firewall,  where people who are talented programmers hand-coded complex scripts to perform actions on the far older code Cisco once used.

I'm wondering if in 2017, Cisco has something in the new 8.6/9.1 train of code that makes this far easier than it used to be than in past decades.

Thanks Tim

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