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Cisco ASA sending back RST ACK packets when contacting "" website

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Hello Friends,


We have installed the ASA [Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Version 8.4(7)3 --Device Manager Version 6.4(5) ] in our Data Center. All our branch offices are connected to the Data Center via MPLS network. 


We are using the Websense Cloud Security for Web Filtering. The browsers use the PAC file provided by the Websense. The URL of the PAC file is


Whenever the Clients browse the "" webpage, it doesn't load the webpage. It displays 

1-  Unable to access the network [ERR_NETWORK_ACCESS_DENIED] in Chrome

2- This page can't be displayed in Internet Explorer.


But, when I browse the same webpage by bypassing the ASA, it loads the webpage successfully.


To further troubleshoot the issue, I captured the Data packets using the Wireshark program. I found that the client requesting the webpage "" [resolved to IP 23.64.230198] , I see the RST ACK packets from the website.



This issue affects the Microsoft Products activation like "Windows 7" and "Office 2010". I see the same RST, ACK packets received while activating the Microsoft products. But there is no issue while activating the "Windows 8" and "Office 2013".


Please assist me in resolving this issue.



Thanks in advance.




Juber Pasha 

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