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Cisco Security Manager eventing database

Hello Experts,

Can anyone tell me where is the centrailised location for all the events which are comming from different devices are saved into CSM databse.

can i be able to read events from them, or the whole database can be used to migrate to some other CSM box.

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

By default they are saved to an Event Management database and, optionally, archived to an extended store. You can see the settings for your installation via the Security Manager Administration setttings page as shown below (click image for larger view):

Hi Marvin,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

But when I navigate to the folder mentioned in the path of eventing\database it contains some .cfs file which are indexing files & not a human redable format.

So I wonder can  you please provide me a way to access Event Management database.

That's the purpose of the CSM Event Viewer application - as responded in the earlier thread you started.

Hi Marvin,

I want to have a database access or a file acess from where i can read events & not from event viwer. Is there is any way for it.

No, there's no supported way. The closest thing you could do would be to send your syslogs to a separate syslog server server and look at the raw syslog file.

Why would you want to though? That's one of the reasons why you pay Cisco for the CSM product.

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