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Dynamic Access Policy (DAP) for AnyConnect work around on FTD

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We are in a testing phase with FTD.  Currently, we use DAPs with ASA to control which users get certain Access lists when connecting with AnyConnect, and works well and is clean.  I know that is not a feature in FTD yet (or maybe ever) but I was curious if anyone has found a workaround.  We will probably have ISE Pic not full blown ISE if we decide to go with this solution.  However, I don't have access to ISE pic yet to test if it can be done using that.  I know ISE pic does User Identification so my thought is maybe I can build access policies based on that.

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Francesco Molino
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VIP Alumni

You can push group policy, pool ip, acl.

Here a doc explaining it:

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There is kind of a workaround.

As far as i know there is no way to build additive authorizeation policies on ISE. So when user is member of group a and group b, ISE will stop Authorization after the first hin (groupa a -> dest a). BUT: You might use ID Policy to enable identity /group based ACLs. i.e. Group a gets an ACP Entry for destination a, group b for dest b. Then its possible to combine the access, if user is member of both groups. FTD uses the user from VPN Authentication. (Analysis -> User Activity (or something like this) -> current sessions. Not that nice like DAP, as you were able to check more then AD groups but it´s something...

But do they merge, Nüüül?

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upgrade the FTD to release 7.0. You can configure DAP directly

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