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Firepower IPS - on cisco 5525-X

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Level 1

Hello Team, 


We have Cisco 5525-X device . 


Below is full information .


We have Cisco ASA firewall  please find below information.



fw08-kp/admin/pri/act# show inventory

Name: "Chassis", DESCR: "ASA 5525-X with SW, 8 GE Data, 1 GE Mgmt, AC"

PID: ASA5525           , VID: V03     , SN: FGL183140BK


Name: "module 1", DESCR: "ASA 5525-X Interface Card 6-port GE SFP, SX/LX"

PID: ASA-IC-6GE-SFP-B  , VID: N/A     , SN: N/A .



Mod  Card Type                                    Model              Serial No.

---- -------------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------

   0 ASA 5525-X with SW, 8 GE Data, 1 GE Mgmt, AC ASA5525            FCH1829JE1E

ips ASA 5525-X IPS Security Services Processor   ASA5525-IPS        FCH1829JE1E

cxsc Unknown                                      N/A                FCH1829JE1E

sfr Unknown                                      N/A                FCH1829JE1E


Mod  MAC Address Range                 Hw Version   Fw Version   Sw Version    

---- --------------------------------- ------------ ------------ ---------------

   0 7c0e.ce67.115e to 7c0e.ce67.1167  1.0          2.1(9)8      9.6(3)1

ips 7c0e.ce67.115c to 7c0e.ce67.115c  N/A          N/A          7.1(8p1)E4

cxsc 7c0e.ce67.115c to 7c0e.ce67.115c  N/A          N/A         

 sfr 7c0e.ce67.115c to 7c0e.ce67.115c  N/A          N/A         


Mod  SSM Application Name           Status           SSM Application Version

---- ------------------------------ ---------------- --------------------------

ips IPS                            Up               7.1(8p1)E4

cxsc Unknown                        No Image Present Not Applicable

sfr Unknown                        No Image Present Not Applicable


Mod  Status             Data Plane Status     Compatibility

---- ------------------ --------------------- -------------

   0 Up Sys             Not Applicable       

 ips Up                 Up                   

cxsc Unresponsive       Not Applicable       

 sfr Unresponsive       Not Applicable        


Mod  License Name   License Status  Time Remaining

---- -------------- --------------- ---------------

ips IPS Module     Enabled         perpetual    






Also we have Procure Firepower IPS license  and below Details for Your Ref.


eDelivery Access Order

Line Id Product ID (SKU) Description Qty Carton/Cust Ref Line Notes
 L-ASA5585-10-TA= Cisco ASA5585-10 FirePOWER IPS License 2 XXXX 
 L-ASA5525-TA= Cisco ASA5525 FirePOWER IPS License 2 XXXX

Now I have few question related to this .


  1. How can I install firepower IPS on my cisco ASA5525-X firewall ( Which show inventory I provided Above ) . / Is it supported  ?
  2. I cant able to see SSD Disk on show inventory
  3. Inbuilt IPS is it self Firepower ?
  4. Need steps to install this Firepower licenses  on this device.
  5. Is it supported with Multi context mode ? and How ?
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Level 9
Level 9


you'll need to bootstrap/upgrade the FP module on the ASA 5525-X. see helpful link:



Originally you could purchase the ASA5525-X appliances with and without a SSD disk.

Since "show inventory" doesn't show a SSD, you will probably need to purchase them for the 5525-X

(The SKU is/was: ASA5500X-SSD120=)


And then, if you plan on running firepower services for ASA, you have to install firepower on the SSD (johnlloyd_13  provided a link).


I believe you can use firepower services for ASA in multi-context mode, but I have never tried that myself.



Marvin Rhoads
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

In addition to purchasing the SSD for your 5525-X, you will also need to add the no cost (but required) Control license. The part number (SKU) is ASA5525-CTRL-LIC=,

You can use Firepower service module while running multiple contexts. However, it is unaware of the contexts - any and all context that have a service-policy to redirect traffic to the Firepower service module will hit the same policies (Access Control, Intrusion, Identity etc.) on the module

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