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How to analyze Duplicate rules in Cisco ASA .We want to delete duplicate rule

Debabrata Majhi
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Level 1



How to analyze Duplicate rules  in Cisco ASA .We want to delete duplicate rule


Is there any command available to check that duplicate rule.  

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Bogdan Nita
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

As far as I am aware there isn't a command like that on the ASA, but it should be fairly simple to write a script to find duplicate lines. There is also the option to use a network security policy management tool that will offer much more than duplicate line check.




Thanks Bogdan for your response

I saw there are multiple tools available for Network security management tool like tuffin,alogosec,firemon.

We can go for any one for my requirement right?



For your task yes, just make sure your ASA version is supported.

If you're looking into which network security management tool to use for this, you might find real user reviews for Tufin, AlgoSec and other similar solutions on IT Central Station to be helpful.


Users interested in network security management also read reviews for Skybox Security Suite. This user writes, "It's given us more visibility in terms of what are the kinds of configurations that are on [our] devices, and how many of these are stale rules. So it's helped greatly in terms of cleaning up of rules, for sure. And it has definitely given a more secure way of backing up the configuration on these devices." You can read the rest of his review here.


Good luck. 

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