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How to inspect inbound traffic using Firepower

Level 1
Level 1

Our current setup using ASA and Firepower


Inside :

Outside : x.x.x.x


My access control policy is such that it inspects 'Inside' to 'Outside', where 'Inside' is Firewall trusted interface, and 'Outside' is Outside interface.


I understand all packets outbound are inspected, but what if I have an FTP server on the inside that is accessible from internet? How can I inspect this inbound traffic knowing the FTP allows data copy from internet.

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Dinesh Moudgil
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

You could have a specific ACP rule allowing the traffic from outside to inside zone on a specific port and application.


Section "Modify access control policy to allow outside access " for your reference



Thank you,

Dinesh Moudgil


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