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http inspection on or off?



After deploying win7 we have developed a slow down load issue. Investigation found the problem was the http inspection in the default policy.

After reading a few articles im not sure whether to turn it off or leave it on.

Is there any cisco guidance?

Any opinions?



Claudiu Cismaru
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What has http inspection to do with "after Win7 deployment"? Can you be more concise what exactly is the issue?

We started to get the problem after win7 deployment. Something to do with how tcp/ip stack works I believe. This was just for information purposes.

I have found the solution. The question was do I turn inspect http off? Is it safe?

I have found this post (below) by Kureli Sankar. If the lovely Kureli is happy to turn it off, so am I :-)


HTTP inspect is a security feature. Turning it on will introduce some delay cause it will do more analysis on HTTP headers but shouldn't impact the performance that bad unless you have another problem or with your sizing.

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