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IBM tivoli TSM backup keep dropping over a ASA 5510 firewall

I have a fairly standard configuration on a ASA 5510 with 8.4(7) software.

One windows server 2008 R2 on the inside attempt to make a backup of its MSSQL database to a offsite backup vendor, but when it goes over the firewall it keeps dropping the connection at a random time after the start.

I Windows server can complete its backup if its assiged a public IP and is connected directly to the internet.

I have tried about everything to prevent timeouts for the connection. I have applied a policymap:

policy-map tsm-conns
 class tsm-traffic
  set connection timeout embryonic 0:00:00 half-closed 0:00:00 idle 0:00:00
  set connection advanced-options tcp-state-bypass

and I have adjusted the nat/pat timeout:

timeout xlate 8:00:00
timeout pat-xlate 0:05:00

The TSM client gives a "AC00151E Errors occurred while processing the request".

There is no indication of any oddities in the log on the firewall and on TSM server (offsite).

The only thing that is not standard on the firewall is that the inside and outside interface have the same security level and it have the two "same-security-traffic" enabled. But as far as I can tell this should not cause this behavior.

I am running out of idear to how this issue arise, so I would appriciate any input.

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