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IOS IPS auto-update without CSM

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We have 400 x 1811 router on which we need to update the IPS signature definition and custom signature.

What is the best way to do it withou running CSM ?

According to Cisco documentation, we need to add the auto-update command with an .XML extention. But when we load a .pkg in a router, the output is 4 different files. Unfortunalty we can auto-update only one file. Which one to I need to load on our TFTP server ?

All the exemples of Cisco are using one single XML file.

Does a single file with the signature defenition, category, default and type exist ?

Since all our router have the same IPS config, I tought I could use one router at the central office with the configuration we want. And by someway asking the remote routers to auto-update their XML file on that router on which I would have activated a TFTP server.

Anyone ever had to upgrade a lot of router IOS IPS signature?

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