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No recovery CD and need to re-image sensor


I need to re-image a 4215 4.1(4) sensor and I dont have a recovery cd. How should I move forward with this? Please advise - and thank you!

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Depends on your reason for recovery.

If it is because of corrupted configs, lost password, or corrupted update installation.

Then during reboot you will see a GRUB Menu. Select the 2nd option to boot the Recovery Partition. Booting the Recovery Partition will reformat the main Application Partition and install a fresh set of software. All of the configuration will be cleared except the IP Address, Netmask, Gateway and a few other management interface paramters, and it will set the password back to the default "cisco".

If you are remote so can not access the sensor console, but you do have CLI access to the sensor.

Then you could alternatively execute the "recover application-partition" command under the "conf t" mode. It will change the default boot partition to the Recovery Partition, reboot the box to the recovery partition and do the same as above.

I would thne give it about 20 minutes to complete.

To once again access the sensor you will need to use SSH to connect to the sensor and login with the default cisco username and cisco password.

If you need to re-image because you believe someone has tampered with the sensor. Then you will need to order a recovery CD. They may have tampered with both the application partition and recovery partition, and a CD would be needed to reformat the entire drive and load both partitions form scratch.

Actually, the recovery CD won't do you any good on an IDS-4215 since there is no CD-ROM drive. There is another option for 4215 and 4240/4255 sensors though. You can install a new system image remotely using a sensor console connection by booting to ROMMON and loading a new image from a tftp server. This has the same effect as imaging with a CD on older appliances. Detailed instructions for this method are included in the readme for the system images on the CCO download site.

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