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PIX 515E Firewall not booting


I have the following Pix 515E Firewall, that has been working good for a few years. 
But suddenly, the Pix stop booting up.  The only thing that is happening is the power and network traffic led flashes and
the active led is off.

So my question is that is this symptom a hardware or software problem and is it fixable with either new parts;
or is my firewall dead.  I suspect that it is a hardware problem since the active led doesn't light up.
I cann't even enter the ROM Moniter mode.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Sounds to me like a hardware failure if the LED is off and you can't even enter the Monitor mode.

What do you see on the console? any error messages at all?

Thanks for your reply .

There isn't any error messeges that appear , it just reaches to the BIOS output and then stop.


Seems to be a hardware failure, if you are not at all able to enter the rommon mode. I would suggest open a TAC case for it to get it investigated and if required get it RMAed.


Varun Rao

By the way , I have more than one device which have the same problem .

So I really need your help to maintain my devices .

Yeah, sounds like hardware failure. As Varun has suggested, pls open a TAC case, and RMA can be arranged if the firewall is still covered on Smartnet.

Would please give me some information about that .

Well as per the description this does seem like a hardware failure, just as a last resort I would suggest keep the device powered off for 10 minutes and then power it on, if it still exhibits same behavior go for the RMA.


Varun Rao
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