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sourcefire port objects - import option?

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I'm working with a customer to migrate ACLs from an ASA to a sourcefire appliance.


What I'd like to know - is there a way to import a list of port objects without going through the GUI and making them manually one at a time?





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Mhall, Any success in finding out a way to update the entire list at once? 

Right now, there is no option to achieve this. Hopefully, we may get something to accomplish this. 

FireSIGHT lacks a Read/Write for policy right now but this will change with version 6.1 scheduled for June.  We plan to get beta into partners like Skybox, Tufin, Algosec etc. so that they can begin developing integration with it.

The 6.1 release will not deliver 100 percent of the APIs functionality.  There will be more features added in the release following.

walter baziuk
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i have the same issue


the FTD GUI is far too cumbersome to do many tasks.


what was simple in asa CLI can take hours  of type click, point click apply save commit


the CLI on asa FTD is just show, no write or change allowed


how can I create a simple text file  ie network or port object and import that into FTD


also we need a means to save/extract confige so that it is CLI readable in a txt file.


all I get now is .SFO, that I cant open

You can use REST API to make it simple. Using python you can write a script
to do this in 1 min. It might be good change to learn python. Also, if you
navigate to FMC REST API tab, FMC will give the python script to execut
which will create object groups
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