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David Inabinet

Sourcefire URL filtering - odd behavior

I'm seeing some strange behavior with our new ASA 5545-X with the Sourefire URL filtering.


I'm intermittently able to get to known bad sites that should be blocked. For example, we are testing the porn URL filtering and our device is configured to NOT allow any Nudity. For some time, I'm able to browse or some of the other known bad sites. Then, without any configuration changes, the sites get blocked. It also seems that after an undetermined amount of time, the sites are allowed, at least for the first attempt then they are blocked again - sending users to the block page. 

Also, a few sites (well known Adult sites) are allowed when, clearly, they should be blocked. 


Is anyone seeing anything like this?


Accepted Solutions

I opened a ticket yesterday and had a tech call me back and resolve this issue. There is a bug that is fixed in v5.3.1.2 and v5.4. After the tech applied the fix the issue was resolved.

View solution in original post

Collin Clark

Yes. This happens in my lab. I'm running 5.3 and I'm hoping the upgrade to 5.4 fixes it.

Seriously Cisco/SourceFire????? This is your URL filtering? This is a joke. 

I have a TAC case open and I'm curious to hear what the tech I speak to will say when this is happening with 5.3 for everyone. 


I'm extremely disappointed.


I'm seeing this same behavior. I shouldn't be allowed to access when I've got a rule configured to block "Adult and Pornography" sites. When I look at the connection events it appears that the "URL category" isn't getting set on any of my web browsing type traffic. I verified that I have "Enable automatic updates" turned on and the "URL filtering" update shows it was last updated on 2/26/15.

What's up with this?????


I am having the same issue even with 5.4. it started 3 days ago. what is the solution

Nobody seems to know the solution? I have this and other extrange behaviour allowing traffic to supossedly blocked sites, not receiving the http response page, or not filtering some of my networks.

I think they should come up with a major release to fix these issues, because they will lose a lot of customers like this.  this is a joke of a product. nowhere near WSA

very disappointed. even using user access under terminal services does not work properly. it binds the username with IP of the server so at the end of the day its the Ip that has access and if you have different access levels for the user on the RDP a big mess happens.


rubbish to me

We worked a case on this with Sourcefire support before they were fully assimilated by Cisco.

My conclusion.......The URL Filtering is pretty much garbage.

Here is the response from support:


"The feature is working as designed, with no plans to change this. However, it's possible they could make this an enhancement. In order to consider that, they would need to understand the specific use case and clarify why you want the change."

"It appears the reason the first attempt passes is because the AC rule category will not match when a cloud lookup has to be done on the URL and the result has not yet been received. It instead matches the later "Allow" rule, so further requests to the same host will be permitted as long as the browser keeps the connection open."

"Note that each Snort instance (appliance) keeps its own individual cache of URL cloud lookups, so a different connection from a different IP address could still go through, if it is load-balanced to a different Snort instance."

"The maximum size of each Snort instance's cache for URL cloud lookups is fixed. When the limit is reached, the least recently used entries are discarded."

"So essentially, the first attempt may pass because a cloud lookup has to be done on the URL and the result has not yet been received."

Last week I upgraded to new releases for DC ans sensors. It solved my problems with http reponse page, and it seems URLs are now well categorized and blocked correctly. Try to upgrade maybe it helps.


In 2nd quarter 2015 Cisco Will release 6.0 trying to give more functionalities. I hope also improvements in general behavior, but unfortunately these improvements (web portal as example)  does not include time based rules or much more complete http response pages with information about categories bloking sites.


We are running 5.4 but still it is not working as expected. Many of the bad known websites are allowing even after blocked all related sites and application categories.

Kindly suggest if any solution for this issue.



You could add them to the security intelligence global black list. 

Hi All,

This issue is due to the device behavior which has been corrected in 6.0 release.

"The first time Snort looks up a URL for filtering, if the URL isn't in shared memory or request cache, it requests the URL from the cloud, but allows the URL to go through. By the time it get's a response from server about it's category, the url is allowed. If you refresh the page or open a new page with same URL it's get's blocked."

This was tested and reproduced by TAC in lab and enhancement request was filed to change this behavior. The ENH request is CSCuu42562 and this issue has been fixed in latest release 6.0.



Hi All,

I have ASA 5506 with release 6.0. The Filter block some Porn sites, but in google you can see the all Porn Video and Picture when you klick on video or picture.

The second mistake is, there are many Porn sites we must put in the explizit URL to block them,

what can I do? I think this is a strange behavior.



If you want to block video/images in Google you need to enable SafeSearch.

If there are sites that are not in Adult/Porn you can submit a category request here

If you want to block video/images in Google you need to enable SafeSearch.

I want to block it on the Firepower like WSA.

If there are sites that are not in Adult/Porn you can submit a category request here

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