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system support firewall-engine-debug shows rules being bypassed


It appears this particular firewall is not acknowledging the last rule prior to default action. Its the only firewall in our fleet ignoring that rule. I test all other firewalls and confirmed they are matching. I made sure the zones are applied to interfaces. Not sure what i am missing. Running 7.0.1 version of FDM/FTD 53343 -> 443 6 AS=0 ID=1 GR=1-1 Starting with minimum 0, id 0 and SrcZone first with zones -1 -> -1, geo 0(xff 0) -> 0, vlan 0, src sgt: 0, src sgt type: unknown, dst sgt: 0, dst sgt type: unknown, svc 1122, payload 1423, client 1296, misc 0, user 9999997, url, host, no xff 53343 -> 443 6 AS=0 ID=1 GR=1-1 no match rule order 1, 'Permit VPN 1', dst network, GEO, FQDN 53343 -> 443 6 AS=0 ID=1 GR=1-1 no match rule order 2, 'Permit VPN 2', src network, GEO, FQDN 53343 -> 443 6 AS=0 ID=1 GR=1-1 match rule order 3, 'Default Action', action Allow 53343 -> 443 6 AS=0 ID=1 GR=1-1 allow action



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Marius Gunnerud
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

Is there an interface associated with the outside_zone for that FTD?

If there is, perhaps there is something in snort that is allowing the traffic,  Have a look at system support trace in the CLI

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