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Trend Micro http scanning and internet access



Today, there were multiple users who all of a sudden could not access the internet.  When I logged onto the firewall I saw that http scanning was disabled.  We actually always have it enabled, but 2 days ago I had to disable it to allow downloading and I forgot to re-enable it.  When I re-enabled it today internet came back up.  Oddly enough, internet was up between the time I disabled scanning to this morning. 

Why would disabling the Trend Micro http scanning feature disallow internet access after a certain amount of hours?

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Jennifer Halim
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

We need to take a look at the configuration and errors on why suddenly a few users could not access the Internet. Without looking at logs, it is hard to guess what happen.

Also, do you mean to say: "Why would enabling the Trend Micro http scanning feature disallow internet access after a certain amount of hours?"

Because you mention that you re-enabled the Trend Micro today, so I assume that your question meant to say as above.

Those users who can't access the Internet, how many users are they, and also I assume there are some other users who can access the internet with no problem at all?

What did the logs say when some users are not able to access the Internet?

And what have you modified to allow access back?

Hi Jennifer,

I actually did mean to say enable.  It happened again today.  I disabled http scanning and it took down the internet for everyone in the organization.  When I re-enabled http scanning internet came back up.  It's bizzarre!

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