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We're Looking for Your Feedback!

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi everybody, my name is Stephanie and I connect customers with the teams working on new features for security products such as CDO, FDM, FMC and more.  I'm reaching out today because we are looking for people to give feedback on Cisco Secure Products.

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Your feedback helps shape how products are built in the future as well as gives you a sneak peak of what the team is thinking about.

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Level 1
Level 1

Fix the FMC GUI please!  Columns don't auto align, in fact displaying anything in the GUI is just plain awful. 

FMC is one of the products we cover.  If you sign up I can make a note that you're particularly interested in that product for the next time we run a study!

Level 1
Level 1

Also although in FMC, I can enter comments for things like objects, rule changes, etc - they are only decorative as far as I can see - there is no way to search the comments (where one would expand upon the reason for the object, what the object is used for etc) - only by vague recollection of objects X,Y,Z are used for systems A,A+B,B, B+C, A+C etc and looking at each one manually... be amazing to be able to search the comments.

Also in FMC, the ability to report on unused objects - objects that do not appear in any rulesets - that would massively assist in tidying unused objects.

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