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Wrong ASDM showing up

I thought I had configured the various software corectly on an ASA 5505, but appears not.

In Show Version the ASA Software version is 8.4(4)1 & the Device Manager version is 6.4(9). These are the settings I want; I had previously set asdm image disk0:/asdm-649-103.bin & boot system disk0:/asa844-1-k8.bin followed by copying the running config to the startup config

When I boot the system & open a browser to the device I immeadeatley get a screen showing Cisco ASDM 6.2(1). How so?

If I attempt to install, run ASDM or Run Startup Wizard nothing happens - browser times out.

I suspected that maybe I needed the device to trust my PC, so I enabled HTTP & tried to setup the trust with my PC. After HTTP Server enable I entered http mgmt, but received an invalid input on the mgmt, I don't know what the correct command is now.

So i'm confused. Do I have the correct version of ASDM installed & is it available when I boot the system?

Is my PC able to access the site to manage the device via the ASDM tool?

Marvin Rhoads
VIP Community Legend

"mgmt" would specify that you are allowing clients on network access via the mgmt interface. A 5505 does not have a dedicated management interface, thus the syntax error.

Any number of things could prevent your ASDM from launching correctly. Incorrect encryption settings or lack of 3DES-AES license, missing binary or incorrect file name, and incorrect management settings to name a few.

This document steps you through some of the common issues.

If that still stumps you, please share the output of "show version", "dir" and the running-configuration, we could have a crack at resolving the issue.


Me thinks your ASDM image was renamed on download. Re-download from CCO, delete the file from flash, and re-upload and set your ASDM image variable. Then connect.

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