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A Cisco 2600, 3600 or 3700 series router goes into a boot loop with %ERR-1-GT64010: Fatal error, PCI Master read error messages due to defective or mis-seated hardware


Core Issue

The issue is caused by defective hardware or a mis-seated network module.


If the router is in boot loop mode and displays this error message, perform these steps:

  1. Power down the router.
  2. Remove all network modules and power the router back on.
  3. Power up the router.
  4. If the router goes back into a boot loop with the error message, the chassis may be defective.
  5. If the router boots normally, power down the router, install one network module, and power back up.

    Continue installing one network module at a time because the hardware is causing the issue. This should be done until the network module or chassis slot is isolated.

  6. Replace the part determined to be defective.

If the router does not go back into the boot loop mode after reinstalling all modules, the issue may be a mis-seated network module.

For more information, refer to these documents:

Crash Types

Parity error

Parity Error Types

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When Problem Occurs

After reboot or power cycle (and no other changes)

Error Messages and Warnings

%ERR-1-GT64010: Fatal error