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Automatic NBAR Protocol Pack Upgrader


Automatic NBAR Protocol Pack Upgrader

A Solution for enabling the devices to upgrade / downgrade NBAR protocol pack automatically / manually.   It eliminates the manual upgrade of protocol packs on each every device.

After enabling this solution, just change ONLY ONE LINE at the central manifesto file.  As part of the scheduled upgrade, your network devices would upgrade / downgrade the NBAR protocol packs as per the configuration on the central Manefesto file.

Also it would send the status of upgrade /downgrade report to your server. This status log files are classified based on the upgrade / downgrade status & places on the appropriate log directory.


Different customer device logs can be retained in different directories.

Supported Platforms (below or later version)

     a) ISR-G2(2921) -   15.4(1)T1

     b) ASR 1K and CSR  - 15.4(2)S


Attached preso/pdf explains the solution and the solution tar file( is also attached with this.  Since the preso has the animation, attaching pdf and ppsx format.  Both pdf and ppsx are same.


Please drop a mail if you have any issues / need any support on this solution.



Anbu (