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CIOSU - Open Source program to configure cisco devices through serial and compare cisco ios configurations


I started working configuring cisco routers a while ago and realized that configuring from a txt file trough the serial port is rather annoying:

  • pasting large chunks of text may fail because of the lack of flow control

  • if a command for example ask a yes/no question it may lead the next instructions to be pasted as the answers to the question instead of as configuration instructions

A while ago I asked on reddit what software is used to configure through serial port and they didn't solved the problems or weren't free, so I started developing something to solve this issues.

And here it is it solves the previously described problems and some other ones like hints to identify the serial port to help ending the "What CONsole port is my device on today?" question.

CIOSU stands for Cisco IOS Utilities since it includes a cisco ios comparison tool too and it is open source so everyone can help adding or improving functionalities.

Thank you for reading.


original post on reddit.