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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN

Cisco Prime patch installation issues



  I am seeing quite a few issues with patch install and wanted to share my experience and workaround to this.

Login to admin via CLI, then access root with the “shell” command

Issue “df –h” and you’ll probably see the following directory full or nearly


                      2.0G  1.9G     0 100% /tmp

With this being full you won’t be able to install any patches until this is cleared out, in my case these were previous attempts.


So let’s check what’s in there!

ade # cd tmp

ade # ls


Snippet of the ls command to show what we need in my case to remove, anything with the prefix upload_filename.tmp to be removed to create more space. I think these are created as part of the patch installation and if not run when uploaded for one or another reason doesn’t seem to clear them out.

VPNSC-template.log.49      upload_1ede375c_15da34549c6__7dff_00000001.tmp

VPNSC-template.log.49.lck  upload_215ae38b_15da390777f__7e0d_00000000.tmp

VPNSC-template.log.5       upload_572ec1b1_15da79d7d6e__7e0a_00000000.tmp

VPNSC-template.log.5.lck   upload__1aacfbde_15cc586b81a__4c44_00000028.tmp


Remove these with the following command

ade # rm upload_1ede375c_15da34549c6__7dff_00000001.tmp

ade # rm upload_215ae38b_15da390777f__7e0d_00000000.tmp

ade # rm upload_572ec1b1_15da79d7d6e__7e0a_00000000.tmp


Once you have removed any files with the same name as above check /tmp filespace again.


df –h



                      2.0G   52M  1.8G   3% /tmp


Now we can proceed with the patch upload/installation which should complete, please run this as soon this has been uploaded to Prime, otherwise we end up with these taking the /tmp directory back up.

Once installed onto patch you can check with the following command


"show application version NCS"

Not sure if this is a bug any comments welcome.


Just for people that are not able to find the /tmp follow the below syntax


ARCISE1/admin# shell
Enter shell access password :
Starting bash shell ...
ade # cd ..
ade # ls
altroot                bin   dev  file2.txt  lib    localdisk   media  opt   recovery  sbin     srv           storeddata  tmp  var
beanCreationTimes.log  boot  etc  home       lib64  lost+found  mnt    proc  root      selinux  storedconfig  sys         usr
ade #cd tmp

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