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Common Q&As


Is pyATS free to use?

Yes, pyATS is 100% free to use for anyone and everyone, and available through PyPI.

pip install pyats

Where do I get support?

You can post questions in this community forum - the support team patrols these forums daily. Otherwise, you can also send an email to directly.

Note that if you received pyATS/scripts as part of a collaborated effort with a Cisco development/test/engineering team, you should be approaching that team instead for script support.

Does pyATS support Python 3.5/3.6?

Yes! Starting pyATS release version v4.1.0, Python 3.5/3.6 support has been added. We will look into supporting Python 3.7 when it comes out of beta.

Is this open source?

No, at the moment the core of pyATS is still closed-source as it is a critical part of the sanity/regression test infrastructure. Through DevNet we are only releasing the Cythonized, binary format of pyATS core framework, enabling customer usage & close team collaboration.

However, other packages that are developed to be used with pyATS, such as Unicon plugins, parser libraries, packages, YANG/REST connectors and etc, will be open source to public, and available to all in GitHub.

How do I extend pyATS?

pyATS has various plugins & hooks that enables customization, eg, Easypy plugins, AEtest pre/post processors, etc. You can also subclass components and augment its usages (such as topology subclasses).

Will the pyATS core framework be open source one day?

We consider DevNet as the first baby step towards opening up the infrastructure to the general public. All other options, including open sourcing, are not out of the picture. We will be closely monitoring community adoption, feedback, and take the next steps accordingly.

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