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EEM script registration error


I am new to EEM and attempting to register an IS-IS script, but it is failing.

i have a similar script for BGP and i can register it and all testing is succesful


RP/0/RP0/CPU0:tor2-tatooine(config)#event manager policy isol_claude_isis.tcl username eem persist-time infinite type user
Tue Feb 11 11:07:13.829 EST

% Failed to commit one or more configuration items during a pseudo-atomic operation. All changes made have been reverted. Please issue 'show configuration failed [inheritance]' from this session to view the errors
RP/0/RP0/CPU0:tor2-tatooine(config)#sh conf failed inheritance
Tue Feb 11 11:07:24.771 EST
!! SEMANTIC ERRORS: This configuration was rejected by
!! the system due to semantic errors. The individual
!! errors with each failed configuration command can be
!! found below.

event manager policy isol_claude_isis.tcl username eem persist-time infinite type user
!!% Embedded Event Manager configuration: failed to retrieve intermediate registration result for policy isol_claude_isis.tcl



RP/0/RP0/CPU0:tor2-tatooine#show event manager environment
Tue Feb 11 11:11:17.935 EST
No. Name Value
1 _syslog_pattern .*(ROUTING-ISIS-5-ADJCHANGE).*(Down)

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:tor2-tatooine#sh event manager policy available
Tue Feb 11 11:06:38.765 EST
No. Type TimeCreated Name
1 system Mon Dec 16 22:22:09 2019 isis_adj_group_routing_xr.tcl
2 user Tue Feb 11 09:53:21 2020 isol_claude.tcl
3 user Tue Feb 11 09:44:17 2020 isol_claude_isis.tcl


RP/0/RP0/CPU0:tor2-tatooine#sh event manager policy registered
Tue Feb 11 11:18:14.817 EST
No. Class Type Event Type Trap Time Registered Name
1 script user syslog Off Tue Feb 11 09:54:11 2020 isol_claude.tcl
occurs 1 pattern {.*(ROUTING-ISIS-5-ADJCHANGE).*(Down)}
nice 0 queue-priority normal maxrun 90.000 scheduler rp_primary Secu none
persist_time: 4294967295 seconds, username: eem