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FAQ- All you need to know about ISR Fixed Branch Platforms



This event had place on Tuesday 17th, August 2021 at 10hrs PDT


Learn about Cisco’s ISR Fixed Platforms and how it fits into Cisco’s overall Branch offerings. This session covered ISR800, ISR900 and ISR1000 Branch platforms family and look at the architecture and key capabilities of each of these platforms. We also covered different use cases these platforms address as part of this session and look at some of the key positioning aspects of these platforms. This session also covered different management options available and lastly, we looked at migration of ISR800 and ISR900 to ISR1000 platforms.

Featured Experts

Featured Speaker

Abhishek is a technical marketing engineer and has been with Cisco since 2019, after graduating from Northeastern University with a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Systems. At Cisco he is currently part of the routing BU primarily working on the ISR1K product portfolio as well as LTE and WiFi technologies.




Prakash is a Technical Marketing Engineer and has been with Cisco for about 1 year. His overall experience working on Cisco products is over 13+ years involved with different technologies in Routing and Switching world. He is currently leading WAN Optimization, vEdge, ISR1100 and ISR1100X series products from Technical Marketing side.

You can download the slides of the presentation in PDF format here.

Live Questions

Q:Is there an option for a simulated version of the software for testing?

A:Usually your account team would be able to help you out to setup some PoC or Demos if you would like to look at the platforms and its capabilities. We don´t have simulated version of this that can be tried out.

Q:What is the Maximum throughput for IPSec traffic for the C1111-8P without and with the HSEC license?

A:~ 300Mbps with HSEC and <=250Mbps w/o HSEC.

Q:Can you fit 2 of these in a single RU using a Rack Mount kit?

A:These platforms are 1 RU form factor and rack mount kit is available.

Q:Is there anything that compares the 1000 models vs the 1100 models? If you don't need Viptela OS there seems to be some overlap?

A:1000 platforms support both autonomous and controller mode deployments and also support other feature like DSL, pluggable LTE, WiFi. ¬ 1100 or 1100X series platforms dont support DSL, pluggable LTE (only integrated LTE available) and only support controller mode deployments.

Q:¬The 4 ethernet ports on the isr1100x-4g are Layer 2 or Layer 3 ports?

A:Layer 3 ports.

Q:What command can i use to check if my router is running in Service mode or Data plane heavy mode?

A:Show platform software cpu alloc (to check the current core allocation mode) and Router(config)# platform resource { service-plane-heavy | data-plane-heavy } - to change the core allocation mode.

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